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Getting up-to-date

It's been a very busy week or so for me. Last weekend, despite all expectations, I had two speedway meetings on. It is very unusual to have speedway running well into winter as I previously remarked, … [Read more...]

The rain in Spain (yes, I know, I’ve used this title before)

The Honda teams adjourned from Catalunya to Aragon yesterday for the next part of the testing programme. Unfortunately, the day was a complete washout with only a couple of riders venturing out for a … [Read more...]

Welcome back, Kotter

At the Test Day at Catalunya yesterday, Suzuki announced that they will be returning to MotoGp. That much is no surprise; it has been an open secret for months. What was a shock was the timing of the … [Read more...]

Whither Rossi?

It must be a slow news day today because, far from commenting about this weekend's MotoGp event at Catalunya, the always-interesting Superbikeplanet has instead published an article that speculates on … [Read more...]


Of all of mankind, sports people seem to be the ones most affected (afflicted?) by superstitions. There are some, for example who attribute Danica Patrick's current run of "outs" in NASCAR to the fact … [Read more...]

Track time

Maximum Action Photography photo, used with permission. Busy weekend this weekend. On Saturday it was the last meeting of the season at Nowra Speedway. I can't remember racing on into June at Nowra … [Read more...]