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Postcards from the road. Pt1.

Whoohoo, I’ve managed to find an internet access point. End of Day 2 of my north coast exploration and I’m in beautiful Ballina on the far north coast. But I’d better start at the beginning, hadn’t I?

Set out yesterday morning right on 0700 with the wonderful Taina in tow. She was taking the opportunity of a quick Oxley run before heading home today for multitudes of family commitments. It’s always great to have her as a travelling companion. Her artist’s eye for the scenery and the odd and unusual makes every stop worth contemplating.

Nothing especially dramatic about the itinerary yesterday – following the road oft-travelled, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun. Picton Road, the backroad through Silverdale, Mulgoa, Wallacia and out at Penrith. Link road across to the Northern Road at the northern end of Penrith and on to Windsor/Wilberforce for our first fuel stop. While there a couple of bikes including the unlikely pairing of a Hyosung and a Hyabusa fuelled up and left just after we did.

We took a small detour to look at Ebenezer and take a few photos (sorry, photos from the road will have to wait till I return). Then an almost-deserted Putty Road awaited us and we made the best of it. Just outside Bulga we passed the aforementioned bikes being booked by an unmarked HWP car. Good thing we weren’t hustling.

Fuel at Singleton, lunch at Gresford and then a magic run across the mountain passes to Dungog and Gloucester before heading north along Thunderbolts. It was hot and the cooler temperature up on the tops was certainly appreciated.

We pulled in to Walcha about 1600, hot and tired but cheered at having had such a clear and enjoyable run. Dinner at the Bistro, early night and ready for the Oxley in the morning.

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