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“The Ride That Shall Not Be Mentioned.” A Touring Diary Pt7

Day 5 and a half.

This morning we rolled out of Bellingen at 0750 and headed west again (getting tired of hearing that?). You see, there’s a lovely 30 kms up to Dorrigo via the Waterfall Way. The last 14 kms (there it is again) is a gorgeous mountain pass, passing several waterfalls that go under the road from west to east. Very picturesque.

The road itself has JUST been resurfaced in top quality hotmix and is as smooth as a baby’s bum. Even better than the Pass because you can’t even see where they have joined the edges of the tar down the middle. Challenging road, no advisories and slightly damp from the morning’s frost. What a way to wake up the brain. At the top, Dorrigo, guess what we did?

Yep, we took some piccies, and turned around and rode back down again!!!

Breakfast back at Bellingen and then out to the (yawn) Pacific for the run to Kempsey.

Plans for today. From here down the Pacific (short) to Wauchope and then up the Oxley for a 65kms dose of twisties. The it will be lunch at Walcha and then down Thunderbolts to Gloucester then on to ???? Planning, what’s planning?

Several people we have met have asked us if we are using GPS. My reply is always, “No, we’re using DPS (Damien’s Positioning System)” Trust me, it works.

Day 6 (end)

From Kempsey we did the boring run down to Wauchope (did find an interesting way of getting there too) and then it was a very spirited run up Oxley to Walcha where we had a late lunch. Got flashed by a cop car when I was doing 130k’s along as straight. Flashed his lights and patted the dashboard and drove on..phew.

I am pleased to report that Damien has lightened the BM a little by scraping various bits of it off on the tar on the way up the Oxley.

Never mind. Suffice it to say that the road, along with all the others we have encountered, surrendered to the Das Panzerwagen and its Japanese ally!!

From there it was down Thundebolts, Bucketts and into Stroud on nightfall.

Tomorrow it will be home via Wollomi.

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