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King Kenny at the Indy Mile.

This wonderful video captures the atmosphere and excitement as Kenny Roberts rolled out the legendary TZ750-engined flat track bike at the Indy Mile last year. Look for a wonderful cameo from Australia’s Kel Carruthers who guided Kenny’s career for much of the time that he was racing. Outstanding stuff.


  1. Amazing video, an incredible spectacle, one tends to forget how great and versatile this guy was.
    In 1978 when he won his first 500cc crown he also raced a TZ250 for 1/2 the season and dropped out of the 250 series to concentrate on the 500 class. Interestingly, Gregg Hansford was one of his main contenders in the 250 series that year and beat Kenny on more than one occasion that season.

    • Phil Hall says

      In fact, Kenny’s plan to ride the 250 was only so that he could get some extra practice on tracks on which he had never ridden before. Kel decided after a couple of rounds that it was too difficult to do both and the plan was dropped. At the very first round, in Spain, I think it was, Kenny very nearly didn’t get a start at all because the organisers didn’t know who he WAS!! Ken always said that Gregg was the opponent he feared most, mainly because nobody was better under brakes than Gregg and placings were often decided by a last-lap braking duel.

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