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SuperMoto racing is one of the most popular and accessible forms of motorcycle competition around the world. Have you ever wondered how it started? Here’s a wonderful article, including some video, from the excellent motorsportretro site that recalls the beginnings, a great event called, “Superbikers”

It was in this series that we first saw the amazing Steve Wise, arguably one of the most talented motorcyclists to ever strap on a helmet. Here’s a couple of quotes about Steve from his own web site. 

“With wins in the Superbikers, AMA road race, Supercross, and Motorcross Nationals, Steve Wise might be the best all-around American motorcycle racer ever.”  — Eric Johnson
Profile Article in April 2005 Racer X Magazine.

“Wise earned the distinction of becoming the only rider in history to win AMA motocross, AMA Supercross and AMA Superbike nationals.” AMA — Motorcycle Hall of Fame

“Steve Wise will go down in history as one of the most multi-talented riders in the history of motorcycle racing.”

I remember seeing video of this event on the old Channel 9 “Wide World of Sports” It was fantastic.

Here’s the irrepressible Chris Carr (who is still competing in the AMA Dirt Track Series today) from the 1986 event.

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