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Fabulous old-skool video

On another site I visit, someone posted this fabulous old video from the Isle of Man in the late 60’s/early 70’s. There are so many wonderful names in this video, like.

Ray Pickrell. 

Paul Smart, who was Barry Sheene’s brother-in-law (and the father of Scott Smart, current BSB rider and TV commentator)

Ray Knight who, in the late 1970’s was the man to beat in the MCN production bike championship on a Laverda.

Bob Heath who, after he retired from racing, set up a very successful business making and selling helmet visors.

Tony Jefferies, father of IoM superstar, David Jefferies.

Jack Findlay, Australian ex-pat who starred in F750 races in the late 1970’s.

Stand Shenton, father of Stuart, now the boss of the Suzuki MotoGp Team.

And many others..

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