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“The Ride That Shall Not Be Mentioned.” A Touring Diary Pt8

OK, Day 6 and the end of the “Ride that shall not be Mentioned.”
After a very entertaining night last night at the Federal Hotel at Stroud, it was up early (for a change) and onto the bikes for the final leg home and GOOOOD, it was COOOOLD!! Like, I mean Canberra-type cold. It musta been -4 I reckon. Thick frost on the ground and all over the bikes. Put on every layer of warmth I could muster and it still felt cold.

Down the rest of Bucketts and into Cessnock, grinding through the picturesque little coalfields towns. Finally, breakfast at the cafe at Wollombi and warm selves and gloves by the roaring open fire. Bacon and eggs never tasted so good.

On to Central Mangrove and the decision to head for home rather than take the Old Road (60 km/h all the way and soaked with cops on Sundays..who needs it?) So, onto the F3 and straight through, Paramatta, Menai, Heathcote Road and the Nasho, all in totally “take no prisoners” mode.

Met Woolly at Bald Hill and then down through the ‘Gong and up the Pass to meet the gang at the Pie Shop. What a great welcome back (except from you, Joel.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil ) Tired but so satisfied. Thanks eveyone for hanging around to greet us, especially the Nowra brigade.

Total mileage today 428kms
Total mileage for trip, 3267 kms (doesn’t include the 65 kms put in those “other” bikes)



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