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Signs of the times

So the Sepang test is over, what did we learn from it? As usual, a lot but not a lot. I learned a long time ago not to place too much stock in testing times as I think I have noted before. There are … [Read more...]


The 2013 MotoGp season has been most notable for three things. Firstly, we have seen the emergence of a new superstar, someone who, potentially, could become the greatest motorcycle road racer of … [Read more...]

Clarifying the silly season

Confirmation that last weekend's rumours concerning the scrapping of the so-called "rookie rule" has helped to clarify the silly season situation just a little more. (it seems funny talking about 2013 … [Read more...]

Testing times

I neglected to include one more significant item from the FIM's changes to the WSBK for 2012. A testing ban has been put in place that will run from the 1st December to the 15th January, preventing … [Read more...]

Still undecided

In light of what happened yesterday afternoon it seems somewhat ghoulish to post today and talk of other things. But the nature of life is that, thankfully, it goes on and while we mourn the passing … [Read more...]

“There is no substitute for cubic inches.”

Back in the 50's and 60's this was the hot-rodder's mantra (along with the famous "If it don't go - chrome it.") The frantic search for bigger and bigger engines reached its peak in the late 60's with … [Read more...]