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Mat Mladin interview: The Man speaks his mind.

Mat Mladin, the 7 times AMA Superbike Champion who announced his retirement from racing earlier this year, has had a love/hate relationship with the American motorcycle press (mostly hate). He has consistently been reported as awkward, uncommunicative and hard to get to know, all of which are probably true. However, the legitimate journalists have also noted that these character traits are common amongst highly motivated and driven competitors.

Fact is, the majority of the beefs with Mladin have had nothing to do with his riding, his team or his performance. They have had specifically to do with the fact that, as an Australian, he has dominated “their” championship to the almost complete exclusion of native riders.

This interview with superbikeplanet.com, is about the closest that I have ever read to Mladin actually opening up and revealing something of his true self. I hope you enjoy it. I did.

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