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“The Ride That Shall Not Be Mentioned.” A Touring Diary Pt4

Day 3 (Conclusion)

All righty. From Canungra we headed up the mountain to Binna Burra Mountain Lodge. Wow, what a location. Right on the top of the range overlooking deep mountain gorges and the western sun gleaming off the high-rises of Sufferers Parasite in the distance.

Obligatory photo shoot (of which more later) and then back down the mountain. Corner after corner and lots of surprises (none unpleasant).

At the bottom of the pass we cut right through Beechmont and traversed the absolute saddle of the range. The road zig-zagged along the tops with huge gorges on either side and little farms clinging, limpet-like to the steep sides. Amazing to think that people live there; they are so lucky (or rich).

Then it was an exhilarating plunge down the mountain to the coastal plain again. Did I say exhilarating???

Man, that road is just amazing. It’s like about 3 Macquarie Passes strung together and the surface is spotless and hardly any traffic. We got to the roundabout at the bottom and Damo flipped up his visor and said, “Wanna do that again?” Unfortunately we were chasing the light by that stage and the traffic heading up the mountain was starting to build up as people left the coast and headed home from work. Another glorious road to put into the “To be done again” file.

Final stop for the day was Lawrence Drive in Nerang, the home of the Gold Coast’s motorcycle trade. About 6 dealers all within walking distance. Heaven!!

Saw about 6 white TRX’s. All grey import jobs, dates 12/05. Brembo brakes on the front wheel too. They must breed up here. Pick of the crop was a 2001 ZX6-R Limited Edition, #17 of only 30 made with signature of Andrew Pitt on the triple clamp and on the tank. Didn’t dare ask the price. Also saw a lovely yellow (wrong colour) 99 model VFR800, but he wanted 9 grand for it. I felt like quoting from “The Castle” …..”Tell him he’s dreamin’.” but I held my tongue!

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