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A shameless plug for OBA.

I don’t buy many magazines any more. Most of the news that is in them has been well and truly covered weeks before on internet webs sites. But there are 3 that I do purchase regularly (well, 2, actually) One is “Bike” magazine from GB, the definitive motorcycle magazine in my opinion; the other is “Motorcycle Sport and Leisure”, again a British magazine but always filled with excellent reading.

The only other mag that regularly enters the house I don’t pay for at all because my brother and his wife get me a subscription for it every year as part of my Christmas present (how cool is that?) It is “Old Bike Australasia” edited by the inestimable Jim Scaysbrook, he of the Ducati 750/Mike Hailwood/Castrol Six Hour fame.

The Scaysbrook/Hailwood Ducati 750SS

Despite the fact that the magazine has many articles about bikes and characters that were around well before I was born, this bi-monthly glossy always is filled with interesting articles, salons and reports on interesting motorcycle gatherings. The current issue that arrived in my letterbox today even includes a great report on the recent “Wings over the Illawarra” event at the local Albion Park airport.

Jim is a true enthusiast, the author of the definitive history of the Castrol Six Hour Race..

…and now diving off into some other publishing projects. I’ve been privileged to meet with Jim and his lovely wife in their country home (that features 2 classic British bikes as part of the decor in the lounge room) and I can tell you that he’s doing more than his bit to collect and preserve  Australia’s motorcycling history.

So, even if you are very selective, like me, and only buy a few magazines each month, check out OBA (once every two months) and put it on your shopping list. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. sanoptic says

    Don’t think my newsagent stocks that magazine but i’ll ask him to order in a copy to see if i like it.
    The Castrol six hour book i have & it’s great,that period of aussie road racing was so exciting.
    I have a copy of the ABC coverage of the 1982 Sixhour on DVD ,if you want a copy i’ll happily post it to you?
    Just email me triumph@exemail.com.au

    If you have any vhs tapes converted over to dvd on the sixhour races i would be most interested.

    • Phil Hall says

      Yeah, I love the late 70’s. There were so many great riders then. I’d definitely be interested in a copy of that tape. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stuff from that era at all, except for some Super8 movie films that I took, including one of Crosby chucking Jim Scaysbrook’s TZ350 into the wall at BP Corner at Oran Park. Scaysbrook was O/S at the time and didn’t even know that the guy looking after the bike had let Croz race it!

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