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The Sixties – The Killer Years

The excellent motorsportretro web site published this brilliant and extremely moving BBC documentary this morning. It details the appalling loss of life that characterised the 1960's world of Formula … [Read more...]

X Games XIV

Quiet afternoon at home this arvo so I was surfing the channels on AUSTAR. Found the X Games XIV broadcast on ESPN. Great entertainment for a couple of hours. The skateboard guys in the pit were … [Read more...]

What’s in the water?

At Wakefield Park on Sunday, David Curtis and I were speculating as to why there is a disproportionate number of Australians competing at the top level in World Championships overseas when we only … [Read more...]

Beautiful Sunday.

What a great day. I drove down to Wakefield Park today to help commentate the bike race meeting there. I have memories of some bitter winter days at the Goulburn circuit, so I went well prepared. … [Read more...]

Night Racing

Stayed up and watched the WSBK meeting last night. I usually watch the first race and the WSS and then tape Race 2 as it often finishes very late, but, meh, I watched them both. Bayliss is awesome … [Read more...]

Bald Hill and Superbikes

Spent the morning at Bald Hill this morning. MCC had a stand there doing some testing of helmets and we spent the morning talking to the riders who turned up there (and there weren't many as the … [Read more...]