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Night Racing

Stayed up and watched the WSBK meeting last night. I usually watch the first race and the WSS and then tape Race 2 as it often finishes very late, but, meh, I watched them both.

Bayliss is awesome and he patently benefits from riding the 1200 that is easier on its tyres than the I4 machines are. I wonder, seeing that the Ducatis finished 1,2,3 in the second race if the organisers are going to follow through with their promise to weight penalise them for the next race? Somehow I think not. Might have something to do with the series being promoted by an Italian company??? By the way, that face plant by Laconi in the 2nd race looked pretty sickening from where I sat.

As usual, the WSS race was a thriller. I couldn’t help but giggle over Johnothan Green’s excitement at Rae’s win. If you listened to him, you’d swear that Rae had just taken the lead in the championship and couldn’t now be beaten. The reality, of course, is somewhat more sobering for the UK rider, this being his FIRST EVER win in the class and the championship leader finishing 2nd and INCREASING his lead in the World Championship chase. AND the previous 2nd place man, Foret being ruled out for at least 3 months with serious spinal injuries…I’m sticking my neck out and predicting an Aussie 1,2,3 in the overall Championship.

The MotoGp race was a disappointment as far as Aussie fans are concerned, although I suppose that 2nd and 3rd isn’t THAT bad. Unlike previous encounters, Casey cracked first. I thought it was a little disingenuous of him to criticise Rossi’s passing moves in the Press Conference. Nobody likes a sore loser.

Terrific to see Chris get 3rd, he really likes Laguna and the track seems to suit the Zook. And Andrea continues to be my pick for the Next Big Thing. Definitely “Rookie of the Year” material, that’s for sure. Beating a former world champ on his home turf when he’s never seen the track before is pretty impressive.

Chupa Chup boy has certainly blown his reputation with another unforced error. The predictions of many that he would self-destruct in the pressure cooker that is MotoGp seem to be coming true. I won’t lose any sleep, I don’t like him at all.