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Whither Yamaha?

The problems besetting the Yamaha grand prix team of late have been well documented elsewhere so there is no need for me to dissect them in detail here. From Vinales winning the first three races of … [Read more...]

Making hay

Next weekend will be the last weekend of Autumn, but here where I am, it hasn't exactly been "Autumny" so I have been taking advantage of the mild weather to enjoy the great riding roads around here. … [Read more...]


The other day a new member popped up on the motorcycle forum I inhabit. Yes, forums do still exist though they have taken a big hit with the arrival of Facebook. Anyway the new user called himself … [Read more...]

Winging it

Some days you do just have to "wing it". It's been a pretty rugged time in the Hall household of late. My wife continues to struggle with the effects of Graves Disease while she waits for thyroid … [Read more...]

Who is Johann Zarco?

It is impossible to have a conversation about MotoGp at the moment without someone bringing up the name of Johann Zarco. Indeed, he is probably the  most talked-about figure in the sport right now and … [Read more...]

A turn of the screw

Fettling a bike is an on-going proposition and this has nowhere been more evident than in sorting out Rhonnda's suspension. As you know, I achieved a major result with my local bike shop removing the … [Read more...]