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Signs of the times.

As a teacher I am starting to despair over the standard of English usage in our society. The use of apostrophe’s when they are not needed, the constant use of the word “like” in multiple instances in teenagers’ sentences, and the degeneration of plain English into “text-speak” (gr8)

You would think that, however, in more structured circumstances, a certain standard would be upheld, but apparently all is lost there, too.

This weekend my wife and I had a little mini-hoilday in Sydney by the beach. It was just one of those last-minute things and it was very enjoyable.

We stayed here, just on the beachfront, which was nice.

And it was in pretty good company, too, with several well-known celebrities strolling by the beach-front cafes that we frequented. Mind you, the company in the car park wasn’t bad, either.

That’s my car on the left….NOT.

I also spotted this in the car park which was pretty sweet.

But it was out on the strip where I was reminded of the appalling standard of English usage today. Take this example.

Now, this was an official Council sign.  And, to make matters worse, here is another council sign not more than two metres away from that one where the word is correctly spelt.

Then, outside a shop on the beach-front, this gem.

Now wouldn’t you think that somebody would have noticed that before the final permission was given to manufacture the sign?

Perhaps you have some examples of similarly mangled English that you’d like to share?

In racing, Lorenzo scored his fifth pole of the season at Laguna Seca, ahead of Stoner, Dovizioso, Pedrosa and Spies, Rossi sixth. Direct telecast from America, 0645 tomorrow morning on OneHD.


  1. sanoptic says


    Tonight 7.30pm on Nat Geo ‘Motorcycle Crash Tech’

    Almost forgot it was on my self.


  2. sanoptic says

    Did you get a feeling that ‘Motorcycle Crash test’ was just an hour long commerical for Italian leathers ,Helmets,& bikes?
    Still it was ok to see how these products are delveloped & made.
    The test rider was good untill he tried to ride the Ducati in the rain on slick[ish] tyres & then said he had no traction…duh.

    • Phil Hall says

      Yes, I thought exactly the same thing. Still, an interesting insight into the technology, wasn’t it? I especially like the fact that the leathers have sensors all over them and a computer in the hump. Very cool. Guareschi is a super-fast rider. It was primarily he who developed the Ducati GP bike. Very under-rated.

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