celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Chapter 16 – Honda four ever

Hankering for more power.

I kept the 400/4 for a few years until I got the hankering for a bigger bike. The Road Racing Club had been formed and most of the guys had 900’s and 1000’s and on tours and rides up to race meetings in Sydney, the 400 was a little shaded.

So I lashed out and bought a Honda 750/4, the F1 model. It had heaps of power, but it handled like a wheelbarrow full of wet walrusses. I sold it several months later, having ridden it only a few times. Looking back on it now, it is obvious to me that all that was wrong with it was that the steering head bearings were shot to pieces. Had I known enough to have fixed them, I’m sure that I could have kept the bike for many years and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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