celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Arrrgh – Rainy Days.

I suppose that I shouldn’t complain, after all the riding weather this winter has been superb, but, a day off work today and a great opportunity to “do the lap” and it’s raining.

Oh well, housework beckons, I suppose. One of the “benefits” of being a part-time teacher and part-time house hubby, I guess.

Yesterday the bike turned over 90000kms; that means that I’ve done 27000kms on it since I bought it last September (13th). If I really work at it, I may be able to crack the 30000kms in a year again. 🙂

On the sporting front it’s disappointing to hear that Casey will be out of action for the next 3 Grands Prix.  Let’s hope that he gets his health issues sorted and comes back better and stronger. In the mean time, congratulations to Valentino Rossi for winning the 2009 MotoGp World Championship.

I’ve updated my site with the next chapter of My Motobiography today.

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