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“The Ride That Shall Not Be Mentioned.” A Touring Diary Pt3

 Day 2 1/2 Report.

Presently we’re sitting drinking coffee at the Fudge Shop at Canungra, just behind Tamborine Mountain. This town was the site of the Australian Army’s Jungle Training Centre and all our troops that went to Vietnam did their jungle orientation courses here.

This morning (it’s 14:19 atm), we rode out from Nerang and headed up to the top of Mt Tamborine where we met a guy on a CBR1000RR who was visiting from Sydney!! I can’t even begin to imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for him to do this trip.

Then it was down the other side of the mountain through heaps more twisties and across to Beaudesert. Then north to Ipswich where we visited the Art Gallery and saw the display of racing bikes and cars that is featured there at the moment. It includes Barry Sheenes RG500 Suzuki which we will post pictures of later this evening.

From there we had a quiet lunch at the Bakery at Bundamba and then east to Redbank Plains and across country by sheer guesswork and skunkery to join the Mount Lindsay Highway at Greenbank.

We then threaded our way back to the Beaudesert Road and on to Canungra. We’re going to duck up to Binna Burra Lodge from here and then back down the mountain to Nerang and a perusal of the local bike shops before we settle in for the evening again.

The mountain roads here are superb, as good as I remembered them to be from when I lived here 20 years ago. There are roadworks and new housing estates going in everywhere. Qld is sure booming.

Couple of reflections:

1. So far on the trip, despite covering nearly 1400 kms we have not seen ONE cop!! (having said that, there will probably be 12 waiting around the corner)

2. Motorists are very much more polite when you’re touring. They wait their turn when you’re passing them, and will often let you go first when they see you looming up on them. Quaint.

3. Of all the motorcycles that we have seen touring (and I must admit we haven’t seen many), all of them except my VFR have been BMW’s

4. Qld has some funny place names. Biddabaddadda, Wonglepong..gotta love that.

OK, my coffee has just been delivered so catch you later tonite.

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