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Pay to ride

News in overnight that West Australian rider, Bryan Staring, has lost his ride with the Riva-Moto Team in World Supersports after only just one ride (PI). This is just another in a long line of … [Read more...]

Come fly with me

Well, I am home from PI and the World Supers. What an adventure and what a cautionary tale as well; let me explain. Herein a mixture of new material and my potted reports as events unfolded on … [Read more...]

Winning a battle – Losing the war

  Last Sunday's British Grand Prix answered some questions but still left one unanswered. The enthralling race between Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez that resulted in the narrowest of … [Read more...]

The Melling Line (or, how to save MotoGp)

photo courtesy of When I first got interested in motorcycles and road racing Frank Melling was already a household name. I used to buy all the motorcycle magazines that I could and … [Read more...]

My island in the sun (with apologies to Harry Belafonte)

Recovering, if that's the right word, from my yearly pilgrimage to Phillip Island for the opening round of the FIM World Superbike and Supersport Championship. What a 6 day epic it was. Leaving … [Read more...]

Not so super

In a couple of weeks we will see the opening on the 2013 racing season. And it begins, fittingly, at Phillip Island, with Round 1 of the World Superbike Championship. However, all in the garden is … [Read more...]