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The Melling Line (or, how to save MotoGp)

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When I first got interested in motorcycles and road racing Frank Melling was already a household name. I used to buy all the motorcycle magazines that I could and read them voraciously. And Frank Melling’s articles were always incisive and free of the clap-trap that seems to infect many other journalist’s work. And his articles in the printed press were always entitled as my post today is  (without the bit in parenthesis).

Fast forward 40 years and Frank Melling is still in the mix and, yesterday, he had this article published on the motorcycle-usa web site. It is a long read but I do wish that you would read it through to the end because it could just be the most important articles you will read for a long time. Melling goes right to the heart of what is wrong with road racing today but, unlike many others who seem to be able to identify what is wrong (though Frank’s analysis is far deeper than the sketchy coverage that most hacks give to the subject) he also proposes a solution, a solution that is stunning in its simplicity and makes more sense than most stuff that I have read for a long, long time.

Here is the article, Single track mind – MotoGp has to change.

I’d not only appreciate your feedback on this, either here or on my Facebook page but also that you share it amongst your enthusiast friends. I think Mr Melling might have cracked it here.