celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

A trip down memory lane and some great ideas..

My introduction to motorcycling, as I have detailed before, was entirely accidental. Bob Holden was a good mate at my church at Port Kembla and he and I, along with another friend, had a … [Read more]

Silly season, silly season..

The fact that most MotoGp seats are settled for next season (see table below) already did not stop the notoriously inane Italian media from trotting out the stupidest silly season rumour … [Read more]

Orphans Pt5

It can’t have escaped your notice that the majority of “orphan” bikes that I have highlighted in my series have been products of the 80’s, that glorious era when the Japanese manufacturers … [Read more]

Showing off – again

Winter is drawing to an end and that means that it's show time coming up. Living on the coast as I do, there are always plenty of car/bike shows on the calendar and they are always fun. This … [Read more]

Introducing Goldie (and, yes, it’s not a very imaginative name but I have my reasons)

Almost exactly 5 years ago an old speedway mate of mine here in Wollongong posted up this photo on Facebook. ..along with the comment, "Is anyone interested in this?" I immediately … [Read more]

Walking on water

Records are made to be broken, they say and it seems that we are seeing this axiom demonstrated on a fairly regular basis these days. Within the last year we have seen two records broken … [Read more]