celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Gone fishin’

I started fishing Tathra Wharf way back in 1988. It was only a few hours drive from Canberra and was the best location to do some ocean fishing where I didn't have to go out in a boat. … [Read more]

Living on the road

For the last four days we have been on the road doing a thorough shake-down run of Marvin the Van. All in all it went very well with only a few "glitches" and some minor refinements that we … [Read more]

Getting it together

You may recalls that, quite some time ago, I had a little "whoopsie" with the Shadowfax. I had taken the bike to a show and, on return, I had rolled it out of the van and parked it on the … [Read more]

Farewell, Dani

The news that Honda's second favourite son is retiring from full-time racing is not new. Since the middle of the year (probably earlier, actually), speculation has been rife that Dani and … [Read more]


Well, as the title implies, I have been missing in action for over a week now. Things have just caught up with me and getting to the keyboard, while not impossible, has certainly been … [Read more]

A wandering minstrel, I

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH6e68Mg57o It's funny that I am often asked what I do with my time now that I'm retired. My answer is that I seem to be busier now than when I was … [Read more]