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Out of an archive

It is now over 7 years since the restoration of the Shadowfax Kawasaki was completed. It was shown at the BSFoS in March 2012 and won two trophies, a stunning surprise to both Dave and … [Read more]

10-4 good buddy

Every now and then something comes along that reminds me of other hobbies that I have pursued as well as music and motorcycling and I was reminded the other day of my one-time passion for CB … [Read more]

Orphans Pt4

In the continuing series of bikes that seemed like a good idea but proved not to be in practice, so far we have looked at the Honda MVX250, the Yamaha XV550 and the terrible TX twins, the … [Read more]

10 out of 10, Mr Marquez!

Marc Marquez confirmed his position as the Sachsenring king with another dominant performance on Sunday at the German Grand Prix. He made his intentions very clear on Friday, finishing just … [Read more]

Cold enough to freeze…

I joined Netrider, the national motorcycle forum, in 2005 but, despite that length of membership, I've only ever been on one Netrider ride and that was to Merimbula in 2006. So, when someone … [Read more]

It’s a long way to the top

Away from the glare of the MotoGp epic at Assen and another embarrassing Formula One race in Austria, another very prestigious motor sporting event was taking place over the Atlantic in the … [Read more]