celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

The weakest link

The other day an Australian actress passed away. She was well known for her acting but better known as the host of a TV quiz show from back then called, "The Weakest Link." She played the … [Read more]

A real “find”

It never ceases to amaze me how that, some 40 years after the time that I was actively involved in the sport as a photographer, commentator and administrator, photos and memorabilia from the … [Read more]

The best-ever dummy spit

In these days of live coverage of motorcycle racing, with multiple cameras, a million angles and super-slow slo-mo replays, it’s rare for us to miss any of the action (unless the TV channel … [Read more]

Hump day

Long term lifers will know of my passion for Bathurst and, more specifically for the Mount Panorama roads that were used as a race track for many, many years. As a youngster I knew about … [Read more]

37 Years and counting

There are some things about my blog that remain constant. One of them is that I always try to remember Kenny Blake and remind my readers of the anniversary of his death. Kenny died on the … [Read more]

More silly season stuff

First of all I must apologise again for neglecting my blog. Things have been pretty difficult in the Hall household of late. Helena was due to have her thyroid surgery last week but it was … [Read more]