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Awesome – A V12 Honda CBX.

In 1979 Honda released the CBX1000, a technological “take that” in the early superbike wars. 6 cylinders across the frame and a chamfered crankcase with everything tucked up behind the engine on top of the gearbox to allow for better ground clearance. Sounds logical, and we’re used to it now as everyone does it, but, back then, it was ground-breaking.

Unfortunately, the release of Suzuki’s GS1000 at almost the same time, a bike that was lighter yet offered the same performance, almost instantly relegated the CBX to “oddity” status and the model morphed into a Sports/Touring guise in its next iteration before quietly being dropped from the inventory.

Well, this clever amateur mechanic has grafted 2 CBX barrels to a common crankcase and created a 2000cc V12. Watch the video and be amazed.

Note how he has reversed the rear barrels so that exhausts exit from the back of the barrel rather than from the front. Very clever.


  1. That guy is brilliant ,what a great talking point that bike would be.The world needs guys like that.
    I used to own the faired version CBX1000 with the mono shock,handled pretty good to if my [fading] memory serves.


    • Yeah, I was gob-smacked. I know that there is an English guy who has done a similar thing with 2 Kawasaki 1300 engines, but somehow this one seems to be more “sporty”. You really have to admire people like this, haven’t you?

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