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Testing the crashproof bike.

I’m not sure what to make of this. It looks very professionally done, but it could be a stunt. If it is a stunt, then they sure went to a lot of trouble to stage it.

In other stuff today, Aleix Espagaro has been cleared of a possible fractured vertebrae and will race this weekend at Laguna Seca.

AND, the craziest rumour doing the rounds today is the Jeremy Burgess will be leaving Yamaha at the end of the season. But he WON’T be following Valentino Rossi to Ducati. Instead, he’ll be linking up with Casey Stoner at Honda!!! Yes, how about that? Not as silly as it sounds though. Even though VR and JB have been joined at the hip for years, remember I predicted a while ago that JB might find it very difficult working in the “We are Ducati and this is the way we do things” environment at Bologna.

One thing IS certain. If the rumour IS true, Casey would go to the top of the list for potential world champion 2011.

I can’t read Italian (4 years of high school Latin 40 years ago doesn’t count) but friends who can have translated this page and they say it sounds like a done deal.

And, while we’re on rumours…Ducati to field a SIXTH bike next year with Czech rider, Karel Abraham in the seat. Now those of you who have been following the sport for a while will recognise the name as an ex-250cc (now Moto2) rider whose main claim to fame was that he used to crash a lot! Well, apparently he also has a VERY rich dad who, it is rumoured, will be bankrolling the effort to the tune of a brand new satellite team.


  1. sanoptic says

    Got to be a stunt..the rider didn’t even look to see if the road was clear & it’s a vid on a crash proof bike/road safety…LOL ,it looks like the ending is edited to me.

    Casey & JB would get on well ,he would listen to Casey & act on it.Ducati on the other hand took quite a while to redesign the front fairing for more downforce on the front wheel after Casey was having all that drama with lack of feeling from the front end.
    I for one hope the rumour is true.

  2. Very funny clip, Phil. The wonders of photoshop etc. !

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