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Good Graeme Crosby interview

The NZ Herald published a surprisingly good interview with the Croz this morning. For a bit more of an insight into what makes the great man tick, click HERE. Incidentally, the other person in this picture is  NOT motorcycling journalist and former editor of REVS magazine, Mike Esdaile. Thanks to a couple of my readers who contacted me with a correction.  I have contacted the big man himself and hopefully he can clarify.

Looking at the picture again, I’m starting to think that he is one of the guys who appears in the NZ car show on TV that features former WSBK regular Aaron Slight as one of their road testers.


  1. Phil

    Greetings from Shanghai.
    See, you even get read in one of the most progressive cities in the world.

    That is not Mike Esdaile in that photo … Dont know who he is, but, not, Mike E

    • Phil Hall says

      Peter, you’re a gem. I was a little “leery” posting that up myself, even though the NZ Herald says it’s ME. I always remember ME as a little, short guy, certainly not the same stature as Croz anyway. But I took it on faith. One other reader has also questioned the ID and I am going to edit it. I’ve also contacted Croz directly to ask him to ID the guy, so the mystery might soon be solved. Enjoy China and stay warm.

  2. Phil

    Just arrived in HARBIN…32 hours by train….Body is still swaying as I type here in the room.
    IBIS @ Aust. $ 33.00 a night….Thats the way to see the world..

    Will be Minus 16 to Minus 24 C on Monday….. Thats real Brass Monkey weather.

    Will post photos on Facebook in due course…

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