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Winning a battle – Losing the war

  Last Sunday's British Grand Prix answered some questions but still left one unanswered. The enthralling race between Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez that resulted in the narrowest of … [Read more...]

The troublesome Senor Marquez

It seems that Marc Marquez has got himself in hot water again. In FP1 yesterday at Valencia, Marquez, pressing on on a hot lap, aimed for a gap that was JUST there and tipped Simone Corsi off into the … [Read more...]

A bearer of bad tidings

It hasn't been the best of times in my household the last few days. While my wife's recover from her breast cancer operation is going well and she's settled well into the radiotherapy routine, my … [Read more...]

I can see clearly now…(apologies to Johnny Nash)

The FIM has announced the (almost) complete entry list for all categories of Grand prix racing for 2012. It can be accessed from the link below, thanks to 2012 Grand prix entry … [Read more...]

Simon gets a replacement

Jorge Martinez appears to be struggling to find a replacement rider for Julian Simon, badly injured in "that" crash with Kenan Sofoglu at Catlunya. After choosing CEV Moto2 rider Jordi Torres for … [Read more...]