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Graeme Crosby – an appreciation.

Please follow this link to read my article on the amazing and talented Crosby. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed remembering it all.


  1. Hi,
    That was an enjoyable read ,brought back lot of good memories.
    I only have meet Croz briefly at the 1985 Suzuka 8 hour in Japan,at the end of practice day walking back to the railway station [we couldn’t figure out which bus to take..LOL] he was going past in a car & stopped to say G’day,very friendly guy unlike a certain Aussie who won the race that year.Suzuki had crowds of 250 thousand back in those days,now there lucky to get 50 thousand.
    Also years before at Amaroo Park Croz was going great guns in one race leading by the length of the straight but crashed in the Loop.He came out later in the unlimited race against TZ750’s & 350’s & beat em on a very second hand looking & sounding kawasaki.I do remembering seeing him on the CBX1000 at the 6 hour & he was as usual awesome.

    Thanks for the memories.

    PS Any chance you could send me those pics in the article?
    If so to triumph@exemail.com.au


    • Thanks, mate, it was fun putting that together. The photos are scans of a couple of B&W prints and I’m happy for you to copy them off the web site if you want them.

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