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Signs of the times

So the Sepang test is over, what did we learn from it? As usual, a lot but not a lot. I learned a long time ago not to place too much stock in testing times as I think I have noted before. There are … [Read more...]

RIP means “Rest in PEACE”

I have been pretty disgusted by the responses to the tragic death of Marco Simoncelli. A lot of what has been done and said in his "honour" does his memory no honour at all. Journalists, commentators … [Read more...]

Still undecided

In light of what happened yesterday afternoon it seems somewhat ghoulish to post today and talk of other things. But the nature of life is that, thankfully, it goes on and while we mourn the passing … [Read more...]

The picture gradually becomes clearer

It's Friday, Free Practice day at Sepang and another press release day. So here are the updates. Picture courtesy of Red Bull. 1. Marc Marquez answered the question that most people have … [Read more...]

Postcards from the edge

My thanks to the good guys at superbikeplanet for these super shots from the recent Sepang test. The only comparison between Alvaro Bautista's Suzuki and Freddie Spencer's Hondas is the … [Read more...]

Sepang test wraps up

The 3 day official MotoGp test wrapped up this afternoon, with some surprises. As I have said many, many times, don't place any confidence in testing times. At 1600 this afternoon, the times are as … [Read more...]