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Signs of the times

So the Sepang test is over, what did we learn from it? As usual, a lot but not a lot. I learned a long time ago not to place too much stock in testing times as I think I have noted before. There are … [Read more...]

Winning a battle – Losing the war

  Last Sunday's British Grand Prix answered some questions but still left one unanswered. The enthralling race between Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez that resulted in the narrowest of … [Read more...]

The Melling Line (or, how to save MotoGp)

photo courtesy of When I first got interested in motorcycles and road racing Frank Melling was already a household name. I used to buy all the motorcycle magazines that I could and … [Read more...]


The 2013 MotoGp season has been most notable for three things. Firstly, we have seen the emergence of a new superstar, someone who, potentially, could become the greatest motorcycle road racer of … [Read more...]

The changing of the guard

photo courtesy of foxsportsasia. By now all my regular readers will be aware that I am an unashamed Marc Marquez fan. While I would love to be able to have an Aussie rider in the top team for whom … [Read more...]

Gotta love weekends [Warning: Le Mans MotoGp spoiler.]

It seems hard to believe that, in just over a week, we will officially enter winter. It has been the mildest autumn that I can remember and it's showing no signs of letting up. This weekend had a … [Read more...]