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Are Subaru Foresters the new Volvo?

After decades of having Volvos as the perceived enemy of all things motorcycling, the Swedish taxi is starting to achieve respectability and even grudging admiration. This is probably mainly due to the company’s push into the younger driver market with more “sporting” and “hip” models.

So, what vehicle is replacing the Volvo as the one that motorcyclists should revile and be aware of in equal measure?

Well, I believe that Volvo has passed the mantle to the Subaru Forester. In the last few years I have seen more boneheaded/stupid/aggressive/dangerous and ridiculously unsafe driving from Forester drivers than I have seen from probably any other single type of car.

As to the reason, I really don’t know. Time was that the “safety” image of the Volvo was enough to ensure that its drivers’ thought they could do anything with one and survive. I wonder if the the perceived “safety” benefits that are so much part of Subaru’s advertising is what is spawning the downward spiral in driving standards amongst Forester drivers?

You have been warned. They are out there and they are trying to get you. Be aware AND alarmed every time you see one.

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