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The 2013 MotoGp season has been most notable for three things. Firstly, we have seen the emergence of a new superstar, someone who, potentially, could become the greatest motorcycle road racer of … [Read more...]

Whither Rossi?

It must be a slow news day today because, far from commenting about this weekend's MotoGp event at Catalunya, the always-interesting Superbikeplanet has instead published an article that speculates on … [Read more...]

Musical chairs

With Ducati's slightly improved performance at Mugello on the weekend, the focus switches to a private test for the team later this week at the same circuit. And some chair re-arranging is taking … [Read more...]

Gotta love weekends [Warning: Le Mans MotoGp spoiler.]

It seems hard to believe that, in just over a week, we will officially enter winter. It has been the mildest autumn that I can remember and it's showing no signs of letting up. This weekend had a … [Read more...]

My island in the sun (with apologies to Harry Belafonte)

Recovering, if that's the right word, from my yearly pilgrimage to Phillip Island for the opening round of the FIM World Superbike and Supersport Championship. What a 6 day epic it was. Leaving … [Read more...]

..and you’re….OUT!

Last night's announcement of new technical regulations for MotoGp come 2014 makes it clear that this has been a complete and total knockout by DORNA. All the talk of compromise has gone completely out … [Read more...]