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My posting today is prompted by a small article in the latest AMCN.

“Biker found three years after crash”

Three years after he was reported missing, the remains of a Sydney-based motorcyclist were found on the side of the Putty Road, north west of Sydney.

The skeletal remains were found next to a Triumph motorcycle along the Mellong Plateau between Colo Heights and the Putty township..

The motorcycle was allegedly last registered to a Quakers Hill man in Sydney’s north west.”

Now we can speculate about how this happened for forever and a day. Fact is, we all know there are thousands of places along that road where it could have happened and the result would have potentially been the same.

I found this news item appallingly sad and it prompted me to ask, do you keep your loved ones informed of your whereabouts when you’re on the road?

I know I do. Whether it’s just a day trip or a longer tour, I tell my wife my approximate itinerary and I check in with her by phone in the morning and the evening of each day I’m on the road.

When you’re trekking in the outback they always recommend that you do this and I can’t see why it isn’t good advice when you go out on the bike, too, even if you’re just doing a day run.

I have been investigating the Spot device. It reports your position remotely, based on GPS co-ordinates. It doesn’t require phone reception and is widely used by adventure riders. I certainly will be carrying one when I do the big lap in 2011.

Commiserations to this man’s family. I can’t even begin to think what they have gone through in the last three years.

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