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Never Ready

At the end of 1967, the FIM announced that it was putting a stop to all of this multi-cylinder nonsense and that road racing bikes would be restricted to "just" 4 cylinders. The era before had seen … [Read more...]

Introducing Goldie (and, yes, it’s not a very imaginative name but I have my reasons)

Almost exactly 5 years ago an old speedway mate of mine here in Wollongong posted up this photo on Facebook. ..along with the comment, "Is anyone interested in this?" I immediately answered … [Read more...]

“There is no substitute for cubic inches.”

Back in the 50's and 60's this was the hot-rodder's mantra (along with the famous "If it don't go - chrome it.") The frantic search for bigger and bigger engines reached its peak in the late 60's with … [Read more...]

The ugly duckling

We all know the story, don't we?  Well, there is a MotoGp equivalent. It's the Honda RC212V. Despite being the company that pushed hardest for the adoption of the 800cc formula in MotoGp, Honda … [Read more...]

Interesting feedback from Casey

Following the recent Sepang test, Casey Stoner gave some very interesting feedback about the difference between this year's Honda and the LCR bike that he rode in 2006. "At the end of the Sepang … [Read more...]

Hondas blitz the Six Hour

The second running of the Belray Six Hour Race was held over the weekend at PhillipIsland and it was a triumph for the Honda teams with their bikes finishing 1st, 2nd and 4th. For a full report and … [Read more...]