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The sword is dangling

News out of Spain overnight suggests that the current Moto2 champion, Tony Elias's tenure at LCR might be coming to an end. Word is that he has been given 3 more races to start improving or a … [Read more...]

Oh, Mugello

First and foremost this morning, my best wishes go out to Jeremy Burgess whose wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm sure we all send all the warmth and encouragement that we can to the … [Read more...]

Summer madness

No, it's not a mis-print. While we in the southern hemisphere shiver through winter, our northern counterparts are swimming and enjoying the summer. And nowhere is this more evident than the MotoGp … [Read more...]

Assen around

OK, I think enough time has elapsed from the races for us to talk about them without offending anyone, so here goes. 1. Rainy meetings are always a lottery. Just ask all the riders who crashed … [Read more...]

Is there a two stroke in your future?

Rumours of the two stroke motor's death are, apparently unfounded. While the Sarich people in WA continue to play, it seems that, on the other side of the world, others have also been looking at the … [Read more...]

It’s Assen time

Despite the track having been emasculated a few years ago to accommodate, amongst other things, a theme park (sacrilege), the riders still look forward to the Dutch TT at Assen. REMEMBER: The races … [Read more...]