celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Riding the Clyde.

First chance for a ride for a couple of months and it was a glorious day. Got off to an early start (for a Winter ride) at 0800. Breakfast at the Rainbow Pie Shop at Milton, plus a cup of coffee and then southwards.

Had a fabulous run up the Clyde, revelling in the handling and the grip from the PP’s. Got a bit of a gap on Paul, so I stopped and waited for him at the tops. Turns out he’d accidentally left his petrol tap on reserve so he didn’t have any idea how much fuel he had left.

Changed it back and rode fairly sedately back to Batemans Bay where the tank needed 13.84 to fill (16l tank), so he was running on fumes. 267kms isn’t bad, though, but he probably should have filled up before we went up the mountain!! It didn’t help, of course, when I reminded him that I could have probably done another 140kms on my tank. 🙂

Traffic was negligible on the way down, but pretty chaotic on the way home; every man and his dog was on the road. Including, I might add, a rider from Canberra on a Desmosedici, parked at the top of the mountain with some other riders. Must be nice to be rich.

So good to be on the road.

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