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  1. hey phil i found this site and have been spending a lot of time looking and reading
    you might find it interesting

  2. hey there phil
    your piston Q had me going
    the 73 is a 1105 kit from what i can seee is this right
    heres 2 sites that may be useful or maybe not

    now this one
    is for the kz1000 but is 73mm
    not sure if it is able to be used from the 900 to the 1000 but is cheap for the 4 of them
    hope this might help if you go this way with the rebuild

    • Checked out both of those, mate. The first one looks good, but very expensive, like most of them seem to be. I’m not sure that I’d trust the second ones, though. That seems awfully cheap!! At this stage we’re going to go with the existing pistons as they are hardly worn at all, just fit new rings.

  3. things are moving along now with the rebuild
    found this http://www.prixhistoric.com.au/index.html

    but couldnt see a match for the bike
    but you never know if they know something

  4. hello phil
    just thought i would let you in on a new extra i have found
    if you are using windows not applemac there is this for writing and adding straight to a blog or wordpress
    have been using it for my own blog and the ease to manipulate pics get maps etc is a breeze

    maybe of use for you as well
    not as informing as yours but i was never a great writer lol

    have a

  5. phil morning and those links in the shadowfax update none of them work my end ????

  6. DOH sent ya a email phil instead of here
    thought it was different
    oh well you will still get it lol

  7. phil have still been reading just not posting replies
    have added your blog to mine so if this is not wanted just say so and will remove it from there
    mine is no great info like yours just ramblings for me to amuse myself with
    cheers peter
    oh here http://duncslounge.blogspot.com.au/

    • Phil Hall says

      No worries, mate, it’s all good. And don’t compare what you write to what others write. The fact is that we all have a unique point of view and blogging allows anyone who wants to express that point of view the opportunity to do so.

    • Phil Hall says

      It’s all good, mate. Don’t compare what you write with what anybody else writes. We each have a unique point of view and blogging gives us the opportunity to express that.

  8. 1959avi says

    I can see you are very deep in motorcycle obsession.
    im living in New Zeland and have a small motorcycle business at the back yard.
    country as NZ doesnt have enough motorcycle so the competition is very tough.
    to be different fron the other I giving personal attitude for each client.free winter check and basic maintenance for their bike .im using facebook to contact new and exist clients.the winter time is more difficult as not many used their bike.
    i try to import motorcycle related stuf from China , its also hard becuse many people do it and here poeple dont like chines products.
    what you think i should do/
    any ides will be appreciate.

  9. hey phil , sorry to hear of the leg problem ,If im not out of line here i had a heart op 3 yrs ago and have been stuffed ever since health wise ;;;leg numbness -arm shoulder playing up a old injury so all in all feeling just shit . I have lost my job in november and am to young to get a pension but am surviving [but thats another story]
    the injury and pain part i am now going to a sport physio in corrimal doing a dry needling [like acupuncture] and sport massage to the leg and shoulder .The girl I see also now has shown me how to do this and done a sport strapping to the shoulder which takes the pain out for days its such a relief for it .The other half here has a wonky knee and it also now gets a sport style wrap and has supported her knee no end for getting around the place.It wont be the miracle cure for the leg but you may find it can be bearable with some type of treatment like this for it and you can after a few visits get to do it yourself maybe.NO I’M not affiliated with them but they are helping me no end with getting some quality of life back for the everyday things and a bike ride is much easier with the shoulder and the leg now. I see anna there
    shes easy to talk to and have found her great
    this is only a thought to try out a few times to see if it helps
    catch up some time then

  10. phil rather that post above didnt go public
    thought it was straight to you
    if thats possible
    thanks peter

  11. thought you were moonlighting phil when i read the name in the story

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