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The ShadowFax Kawasaki – a new chapter.

If you’ve read up on the story of the ShadowFax Kawasaki you’d have read that this legendary, almost mythical bike, was constructed by a group of friends in Canberra around 30 years ago and led a brief, but exciting life before ending up in a million bits in my garage awaiting (hopefully) restoration. Well, the story has had a fascinating sequel. The original owner has registered as a user on this site and has been in contact. If you’d like to read more and see what his perceptions were of the bike and his part in riding it, please follow the link..

And, Kent’s contact has helped to renew my efforts to find all my old racing photos which I have been able to do!! Time to fire up the scanner and get working on digitising them.

This afternoon when I arrived home from work I found a long email from Kent with a lot of photos from his European adventures and a couple of pictures of the ShadowFax from Macarthur Park, the “C” Grade race at the March 1981 meeting.

STOP PRESS: Pictures have been added to the article.