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SPEED IS NOT THE PROBLEM -Yes, you read correctly.

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“Seven dead in horror weekend on Victoria’s roads

UPDATE 1.19pm: VICTORIA Police Deputy Commissioner, Road Policing, Ken Lay has ruled out double demerit points over Easter and says he wants Victorians to own the problem of road trauma.

Seven people died in a spate of separate accidents across the state in the horror weekend.

Mr Lay described the carnage as “nothing short of horrific”.

He said said the deaths at the weekend were because of silly mistakes predominately made by older people.

“This isn’t a Victoria Police problem, it’s not a TAC problem, it’s a problem for everyone who uses our roads,” he said.

“And if everyone takes responsibility for their actions we can make a significant difference.”

Mr Lay warned motorists and cyclists that we were approaching the “super dangerous time” of Easter, but he ruled out a push for double demerit points to be introduced, saying the problem wasn’t drink drivers or those exceeding the speed limit.

“It’s been a horrible weekend. This isn’t just drunk people or super high-speeders who are dying, it’s everyday people who are making very basic mistakes, he said.
Mr Lay said the record low road toll of the past two years was unlikely to be reached again.

“I’m afraid the data I’m seeing at the moment … that trend is very much in doubt,” he said.

The state’s road toll now stands at 64, an alarming seven more than this time last year and just one less than the five-year average.

“I know a lot of police members who take pride in policing our roads are pretty devastated this morning,” Mr Lay said.

“I think all Victorians should be equally as distressed by the news. It’s just a senseless loss of life.”

 There you go. What we have always known is now confirmed.

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