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Excellent suspension set-up site.

I had this site brought to my attention recently. It is by far the most comprehensive treatise on suspension set-up that I have seen for a  while. Let me know what you think of it.


  1. Yes good info there,
    Strangly on my 14 year old Triumph [ it has many options for front & a few for rear suspension]i have never touched the adjusters.
    For road riding on my bike ,stock setting are fine.Even rode a few ride days at Eastern creek with stock setting with no problems [in C group]
    I would imagine for late model bikes with countless suspension setting that site would come in very useful but not for old buggers with ancient bikes like me…LOL


    • Yeah, it’s funny, isn’t it? I have mates who consantly fiddle with their suspension settings and I do wonder if they actually improve anything. On my bike the settings are standard and I’ve never changed them. I’m sure the bike might BE better if I did fiddle, but, since it’s doing everything I want as it is, I figure, why bother?

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