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A few more gems

Considering all the hoo-ha that has surrounded the Shadowfax restoration, you'd think it would be unlikely that any more archive material could emerge, but emerge it continues to do. The latest are … [Read more...]

An almost-completed puzzle

There remains just three tasks for me to do to complete the Shadowfax restoration. Two of them are relatively easy, the other a little harder. In the process of the rebuild it was always intended that … [Read more...]

Gotta love weekends [Warning: Le Mans MotoGp spoiler.]

It seems hard to believe that, in just over a week, we will officially enter winter. It has been the mildest autumn that I can remember and it's showing no signs of letting up. This weekend had a … [Read more...]

Treasure Island

Wow, what a week! I've just got back from a trip to the 20th Annual Island Classic at Phillip Island (nice of them to name it after me!) and it surpassed by a considerable margin the enjoyment that … [Read more...]

I am now officially excited

Firstly, my apologies for not updating the site, but I have been pretty busy. Another trip to Canberra to finalise some details and the news through last night that, barring a few very minor issues, … [Read more...]

Shadowfax update

Today I did a little update of the Shadowfax Restoration page. … [Read more...]