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RIP: Harry Hurt.

This just in from Superbikeplanet..

“Harry Hurt, a true motorcycle safety pioneer and author of Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors (AKA the Hurt Report) died last weekend after undergoing back surgery.”

For those who’d like to follow up more on this pioneer piece of work and what it has meant to motorcyclists world-wide, read here.

I have also found a link to  the complete report  in .pdf format if you’d like to explore what the fuss was all about. http://isddc.dot.gov/OLPFiles/NHTSA/013695.pdf

On another front, it’s now officially Summer and so what happens? The blasting heat that has characterised the whole of November gives way to cool days, even cooler nights, and shower activity….it’s that damn global warming, that’s what it is!!!

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