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Never Ready

At the end of 1967, the FIM announced that it was putting a stop to all of this multi-cylinder nonsense and that road racing bikes would be restricted to "just" 4 cylinders. The era before had seen … [Read more...]

Maintenance day

As the title suggests, today was a maintenance day. There were jobs that needed doing on both the VFR and the Gold Wing so there was no putting it off any longer. I actually intended doing these jobs … [Read more...]

Important Half of My Life update

It's over 11 years since I started writing my blog. In that time, I've produced a couple of thousand articles and ranged far and wide over subjects that cover much more than just motorcycling. And, … [Read more...]

The Great Ocean Road

Every country has its "must see" destination, whether it be the Grand Canyon, Stonehenge, Niagara Falls or the Pyramid of Giza. In Australia we have a raft-load of them which is probably why Australia … [Read more...]

A trip down memory lane and some great ideas..

My introduction to motorcycling, as I have detailed before, was entirely accidental. Bob Holden was a good mate at my church at Port Kembla and he and I, along with another friend, had a folk music … [Read more...]

Showing off – again

Winter is drawing to an end and that means that it's show time coming up. Living on the coast as I do, there are always plenty of car/bike shows on the calendar and they are always fun. This season, … [Read more...]