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Happy New Year

On the day that we see out the "Noughties" and see in the "Tennies"??? "Teenies"???, I'd like to wish all my readers and subscribers a Happy New Year and thank you so much for your support and … [Read more...]

Advertising war heats up

OK, so the Italians always do things a bit differently, but this Aprilia ad, with more than just a hint of a sideswipe at competitors, Ducati, shows that the gloves are off in Italy. And, on … [Read more...]

Save the ‘Ring

World famous circuit designer, Bob Barnard has some very interesting things to say about the future of the Nurburgring (you know, 14 mile laps, Sabine Schmidt, Ford Transit van, THAT … [Read more...]

Like father, like son

Call it a case of the above or call it the apple not falling far from the tree, or DNA or whatever, this video shows that multiple World Stunt Champion, Christan Pfieffer, is going to have some … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

On this Christmas Eve I want to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I hope that this holiday time is spent surrounded with … [Read more...]

Jeff Carter – story teller with a camera

In the 60's, when two and six would buy you a copy of "Wheels", "Modern Motor" and "Sports Car World" magazines, Jeff Carter was a household name. We knew him because he was one of the first people … [Read more...]