celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Iron Mike

Away from the glare of the MotoGp paddock and its glitz, or even the increasingly professional BSB paddock, a large group of motorcycle races do battle on circuits that most of us would … [Read more]

Where is the DENCO triple triple?

I'm friends with Russ Collins Jr on Facebook and am following with interest his posts about the restoration of his dad's iconic 1970s drag racing bikes, the triple-engined Honda (the … [Read more]

MV to build in China, shock, horror

The motorcycle industry is in melt-down this morning following last week's announcement that MV Agusta is set to partner with the Chinese manufacturer, Loncin, to produce small capacity … [Read more]

Racing news..

With the GP circus still in holiday mode, the Suzuka 8 Hour endurance race gets the opportunity to grab the world's attention without distraction. Starting in the day time and finishing in … [Read more]

Has Honda lost its way?

The motorcycle industry is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. Sales are down and there appears to be a general lack of understanding as to why it is and suggestions of how to fix it. … [Read more]

The Lap in winter

On Sunday my wife and daughter had an excursion to IKEA in Sydney planned. Well, what better invitation could there be for me to go for a ride? I planned to leave early and do my own "Brass … [Read more]