celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling


Some time ago I spoke of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and, in the process of that article, I alluded to my first visit to this iconic location, quite some time ago. I thought I'd expand … [Read more]


Oh, dear, I have been very slack, haven't I? My sincere apologies. As you can see from the title, next weekend begins the 4 rounds of the MotoGp world championship that are away from their … [Read more]

Stirring up some memories

Feeling just a little melancholic today as I will explain. It was 4 years ago this week that I attended the funeral of Australian racing great, Warren Willing. It was a sad day to observe … [Read more]

All over the place, Pt2

Along with it being pretty hot and sticky at Engadine on Sunday, I had another reason for packing up early and heading home. MotoGp was going to be on later in the evening and I wanted to … [Read more]

All over the place..

It's been pretty hectic here at Hall's House of Honda the last few days. I'd better start at the beginning, I was told once that that is the best idea. Sunday last was the CEMCC annual … [Read more]

When your low ride is too low

I went to a truck show on the weekend. Pretty unusual as I'm not really a truck man at all but I did have my reasons apart from the fact that it was a sunny, Spring day. The show was at Port … [Read more]