celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

So long, my friend

Yesterday I received some very sad news. My old CRRC mate, Allan Harding, passed away after a long and very private battle with cancer. Al and I went back a long, way, all the way to 1976. I … [Read more]

The puzzle is almost complete

Well, it's Assen weekend and, as well as the racing, the Silly Season is percolating along. With all major seats now filled the attention has switched firmly to the few imponderables that … [Read more]

My VFR’s (cont)

After checking out what was available, I decided on the gloss black 94 located in Springwood. I rang the owner, agreed on a price and, the following weekend, I got a lift up the mountains … [Read more]

Broc Parkes Interview

Today was a MotoStars Training Day at Kembla Grange go-kart track and, as well as the Cudlin brothers, Damian and Alex, being on hand to help the kids, there was also another WEC luminary, … [Read more]

Counting the cost

Last  week marked the 37th anniversary of the death of my all-time Australian road racing hero, the late Kenny Blake. Kenny died on the Isle of Man mountain course on the 9th of June 1981, a … [Read more]

Icicle Ride

As noted, the Indian Summer on the East Coast of Australia is well and truly over. We didn't really have an Autumn with temperatures in the mid-20's all the way up to the end of May. But, … [Read more]