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This morning I am going to depart from the scheduled theme of these symposiums and talk about another obsession of mine, Renault cars. Since getting my first car in 1970 I can't tell you how many cars … [Read more...]

Shorter but Longer Pt2

When I left you last we were in Cessnock. Sunday was a very hot day up in the valley and the ambient gauge on my bike said that it was 31 degrees when we pulled into the car park. Similar was … [Read more...]

Champions, teams and karma

I don't know about you, but I will be glued to the telly this weekend as the MotoGp World Championship comes to an end at Valencia in Spain. It matters not to me that the titles in all three classes … [Read more...]

Mixing with the stars

Last weekend was the final round of MotoStars for the year. It should have been Round 6 but, with the cancellation of Rd 5 at "home" (Kembla Grange, just down the road from me) It became Rd 5. The … [Read more...]

A little bit more about crashes..

You can go for months without having a drama and then they seem to come along all together. A while ago, on the way home from school, I had 3 separate incidents of drivers merging into my lane … [Read more...]

Crashing The Hows and Whys

If you have been riding a motorcycle for any length of time at all, then you have had a crash. For the purposes of this article I am going to restrict my remarks to comments about road riding because, … [Read more...]