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Straightening it out

Ever since I bought the bike I have had this little thing that has bugged me.  The top triple clamp has always been just a "little" off. When you line up the wheel so that it's straight, the distance … [Read more...]

For those of you who missed it..

If you couldn't get to the Island Classic, or, if you missed last weekend's Speedweek telecast, here is the whole 2 hours for you to enjoy. A bit too much talk as usual, but the racing is great and it … [Read more...]

My VFR’s concluded (for now, anyway)

"I guess that took a year (maybe a little less) until I felt confident enough to try again but, instead of doing up the old bike and re-registering it, I bought another one!" So ended my last entry in … [Read more...]

We interrupt the normally scheduled programme to bring you this news flash

Yesterday I took a run down to Canberra with a new battery for the Gold Wing. Greg has been really busy with the bike of late and it is now ready to be started properly and run. He said that if I … [Read more...]


This morning I am going to depart from the scheduled theme of these symposiums and talk about another obsession of mine, Renault cars. Since getting my first car in 1970 I can't tell you how many cars … [Read more...]

Shorter but Longer Pt2

When I left you last we were in Cessnock. Sunday was a very hot day up in the valley and the ambient gauge on my bike said that it was 31 degrees when we pulled into the car park. Similar was … [Read more...]