celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Star gazing

Yesterday I attended a race meeting, but it was unlike any race meeting that I have attended in recent years for a number of very significant reasons. For a start, I didn't have to travel … [Read more]

Snakes alive!

If you're a fan of social media you can't have missed this gem that is doing the rounds at the moment. https://youtu.be/h8GVL7xGINc This incident happened in Thailand and, from all … [Read more]

Goodbye again

Yesterday it was my sad duty to attend another funeral. Gerry Watt was the Motorsports Chaplain at Nowra Speedway. He had been battling with throat cancer for the last couple of years and it … [Read more]

Feats of endurance – again

Away from the glare of our media (who know next to nothing about motorcycle road racing), one of the blue riband events on the motorcycling calendar took place over the weekend. The 24 Hours … [Read more]

Another good snapper

I'm guessing by now that you're pretty tired of seeing photos of Rhonnda the Honda so I'll start out with a pic of RedIII from a few months ago. You see, the reason for the article today is … [Read more]

Farewell Aunty Jack

On Tuesday Australia lost one of its favourite road racing sons. Unlike many who raced through the era where death was a constant feature of the scene, Jack Ahearn survived the troublesome … [Read more]