celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Another bad break

Otter's leg

I had a phone call last week from my good mate, Deano Swims. Not what I wanted to hear. Apparently our mutual friend, Ottis Lance, has had a serious fall and has re-broken the leg that was … [Read more]

Ups and downs


You've probably figured that things have been a bit up and down by my lack of postings the last week. Well, let's try and fix that. Firstly, this is Monday and I SHOULD be riding home … [Read more]

It’s all in your head


The following is the text of an article that I published quite a few years ago. It had been updated and considerably expanded. Physics vs Confidence As an avid watcher of motorsport … [Read more]

The suspension is killing me


One of the many things about motorcycles that I do not fully understand is motorcycle suspension. I understand that the springs absorb the bumps in the road to make the ride more comfortable … [Read more]

Winners and losers

2015 champions

"Every hand's a winner, and every hand's a loser" is the line from the famous Kenny Rogers song and nowhere is this more starkly illustrated than in the fiasco that has been MotoGp for the … [Read more]

Love and hate

Love my bike

A friend on Facebook posted this yesterday and asked the question, "Do you feel like this about your bike?" I immediately answered yes because, even though it is 21 years old, I still think … [Read more]