celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Arthur Blizzard

Arthur Blizzard - an appreciation. Please note, this is a LONG article. In the circles that I frequent, the name of Arthur Blizzard comes up pretty frequently. Those of us who remember … [Read more]

Bush mechanics II

It occurred to me while writing the first article by this name that I have had much less mechanical drama with my various bikes over the years than I have with the multitude of cars that I … [Read more]

Bush mechanics

Before I go too far, a disclaimer. This posting is about CARS. NO motorcycles were harmed in the preparation of this article. As an impecunious college student in the early 1970's I … [Read more]

What’s your Plan B?

As a confirmed teetotaller the attraction of alcohol has never been evident. I have no problem with people drinking the stuff (in moderation) but I just don't get spending copious amounts of … [Read more]

Photographs and memories II

As a postscript to my article yesterday, here is the peerless Kenny Blake at Bathurst 1977, heading up the hill on Rusty Cragill's TZ350.  Its inclusion also leads me nicely into another … [Read more]

Photographs and memories

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48o5rCFFxh8 Apropos my article today I thought that this wonderful Jim Croce song was highly appropriate. Today I'd like to share some photographs and some … [Read more]