celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

An overdue appreciation


The following is an unpaid Public Service Announcement. :) In moments of reflection (which are more frequent now that I am a man of leisure) I often ponder how fortunate my life has been. … [Read more]

The joys of Autumn


One of the fascinating things about living in a connected world is constantly being reminded that there are parts of the world that are totally different from the part of the world where you … [Read more]


Smokey Yunick

Cheating in sport began the moment one competitor realised that he could beat his opponent by exploiting a loophole in the rules. It has continued ever since with more and more creative ways … [Read more]



Lots of stuff to cover today so let's start. Firstly, I have now completed an upgrade of sorts to the bike that I have been threatening to do for years. The 4th Gen VFR came with a poxy … [Read more]



This amusing sticker used to be on the back window of a van in Canberra. I always thought it was a clever play on words but  I want to recount an example of when I was privileged to see … [Read more]

If I could turn back time

Shadowfax 2012

There are many features of social media that I do not like. I participate because it has enabled me to re-establish contact with dozens of my old friends from decades ago and to make new … [Read more]