celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

On a Wing and a prayer

It may seem odd for you to open the page this morning and see a picture of an old-skool Gold Wing. After all, the Lead Wing, as it came to be known, is about as far removed from the sorts of bikes that are normally discussed here as it is possible to … [Read more]


Dreams are funny things, funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha. I am guessing that some bright spark has already done it but I have often thought that someone should do a study to determine if the type of person you are affects the type of dreams that you … [Read more]

Consoling myself

Since I first got the Minibago it has seemed to me that the space under the dash, in front of the gear selector, was wasted. It probably seems quite silly to think that when the thing is so big and has so many potential storage opportunities, but, … [Read more]

A truly Grand Prix

Sunday's British Grand Prix served up everything that an enthusiast could hope for in a race meeting. Since I don't have cable TV I didn't get so see the Moto2 and Moto3 races but all reports seem to indicate that they more than lived up to … [Read more]

Tipping the bucket

Wow, three weeks of this flu bug and still not over it. I just loove winter, not... Anyway, my apologies for lack of updates, I'll try harder. Lots of things have happened since last I posted. Here's a few of them. Marc Marquez's chance of … [Read more]


As a self-confessed Marc Marquez fan even I couldn't summon up the energy to get up at 0400 to watch the race from Indianapolis yesterday morning. Despite the fact that he breaks records every time he races (or it seems that way), my enthusiasm for a … [Read more]