celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

SMIDSY et al

(this is quite a long article but it's hard to deal with the topic briefly) I wonder how many of my readers remember one of these? Yes, it’s a motorcycle headlamp switch.  It allows … [Read more]

The suspension is killing me

I'm sitting here tonight and my arms feel like I've been sparring with Danny Green. Why? Well, I did my first long run on Rhonnda yestersday and, while some parts of it went well, there were … [Read more]

Night rider

Ideas for things to write in my blog come from all manner of places and occur at all manner of different times. When the title for this article first came into my head, the first thing I … [Read more]

Facebook and forums

I've been a member of my local motorcycle forum since 2005 and a large, national forum since around the same time. During that time many changes have taken place in the area of social media, … [Read more]

Riding Rhonnda

Picked Rhonnda up from the shop this morning. I booked her in yesterday to get a baseline service done and also for my mechanic to sort out why the back brake wasn't working. The intricacies … [Read more]

The fastest of them all

Were you to pass by Ralph Hudson in the street and were you to stop and notice him, he would appear as a most unremarkable person. Slight of build, white wavy hair and usually topped with a … [Read more]