celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Road trip – again

Before the winter sets in it was time for another road trip so last weekend was it. Nothing too adventurous about the route, mostly familiar roads but filled with enjoyment anyway. We decided to light out later in the morning to avoid what had become … [Read more]

Six more wheels

  As is so often the case, opening up a subject inevitably leads to offshoots from it that can be equally interesting. It is, in fact, a case of Zymurgsky's Law of Emerging System Dynamics that says that once you open up a can of worms, the … [Read more]

That third wheel

  I never really have got my head around sidecars. Despite the fact that my very first motorcycle ride was in one of them, I just haven't figured it out. A quick bit of history to set the scene. Sidecars came along pretty much as soon as … [Read more]

Wet roads

For those of my readers who don't live on the east coast of Australia I need to first explain that we have just endured a violent and disastrous weather event here in the last week. Described as a "once in a decade" event the combination of an east … [Read more]

Wet and wild

It's been a wild and wet few days here on the east coast of Australia. A severe east coast low pressure system combined with the usual April king tides has brought some of the worst weather conditions to NSW particularly in decades. At last count at … [Read more]

Rain, rain

Well, the speedway season is over for me for another year. I wish I could say that it has been a good one, but it's been a very frustrating one, mostly because of the weather. When one is promoting an outdoor sport, one learns to roll with the … [Read more]