celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

It’s a small world..

...or so they say. Well, in fact it IS a small world, a fact that was proven to me again this morning. Friday breakfast at the City Cafe in Wollongong is becoming a bit of a tradition with … [Read more]

A life of grime

As a young rider I spent inordinate amounts of time working on my bikes. Mostly it was necessary stuff. My extremely limited budget meant that I only ever bought one brand new bike, a Yamaha … [Read more]

Seconds matter

Just to make it clear, the subject of today's diatribe is small increments of time, i.e. seconds and fractions thereof. As an aside this is not to say that second PLACINGS don't matter … [Read more]


After I've been on a long ride I tend to stay off the bike for a bit. The combination of tiredness, the accumulated pain in my leg and just the desire to be a bit more comfortable usually … [Read more]

A not-so-welcome visitor

The other day when I was riding my short stint on the Pacific Highway, I became aware of a strange sensation on the top of my head. It felt like there was water dripping onto it from the air … [Read more]

Pictures and videos

Here I am almost ready to head off on my adventure last Wednesday week. Little did I know what a drowned rat I would be by the end of this day! I thought I'd include a few more pictures of … [Read more]