celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Every guitar Pt3

Well, we are getting close to the end of my saga. Thanks for sticking with me and thank you for your feedback. I had no idea there were so many guitar heads out there.   Again another story attaches to this old relic. It is a … [Read more]

Every guitar Pt 2

  Sometime around when I bought the Washburn, I also bought an electric guitar and amplifier. I have no idea why and, looking back on it now, I can tell you very little about. I advertised it for sale shortly after, deciding that electric was … [Read more]

Every guitar tells a story

A good friend on Facebook posted up this YouTube video today. I confess to being somewhat of a Willie Nelson fan having listened to his music for many years. I even attended a concert of his in Canberra about 15 years ago. Sadly, he was not at his … [Read more]


  It was a long time ago, before this photo was taken and not long after I started riding. My brother, who was living in the Hunter Valley at the time, called me and said, "Guess what?" I never was any good at games so I just replied, "What?" … [Read more]

Take 2

As you recall, I was going to do a Putty run on Wednesday but fate had different ideas. The weather forecast for Friday continued to be good so, come yesterday morning, I suited up at 0600 and headed north. The roads were a bit slimy after some … [Read more]

Taking the hint

Yesterday morning it seemed as if the planets had all lined up nicely. The weather forecast was good and Helena was away showing her Finnish cousins around the Blue Mountains. So, ride time. I woke early (as I always do) and was dressed and ready to … [Read more]