celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Island bound

  It seems bizarre to think that it is nearly a year since the last Island Classic meeting at Phillip Island, but it is. So, in what has now become a tradition for me, tomorrow I head off down the Hume again to watch Australia's best … [Read more]

The disappearing railroad blues

Today on Facebook, a good friend posted this YouTube clip and it struck a very familiar chord. This is the Johnny Cash version of the famous song which was recorded in 1974. Unfortunately, despite its value, for some reason, Cash leaves out … [Read more]

V8 the road

  V8 the Road...Victoria and back for fun and profit (well, not too much of the profit, actually) It is now nearly 4 and a half years since my big accident and, though I have been riding for a couple of years again, I haven’t gone back to … [Read more]

Distributing the wear

  I've been thinking about and encountering references to my old Hillman quite a lot lately. Students of human psychology say that this sort of thing is quite common and that there appears to be no reasonable explanation as to why it happens. … [Read more]

Two tyred

  The tyres (no, damn you, auto-correct, I will NOT call them "tires") on the VFR are what was on it when I bought it over a year ago which tells you that I haven't ridden it much, I guess. However, since my brother and I are planning a … [Read more]

Safety first

    It was speedway night last Saturday night. Despite the fact that the man in the street perceives a motorsport spectator as being only interested in the crashes, he is completely wrong. However, having said that, crashes do happen … [Read more]