celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Staying clear of the interstates…


The weather was great, the roads relatively clear and the aim was to do a tour of the Southern Highlands endeavoring to stay off the highways as much as possible. Or, as the Patty Loveless … [Read more]

Bad connections

dsc168_1024x1024 (1)

Over the course of the Island Classic week I think I saw just about every bike malady known to man manifest itself. From the catastrophic, Ryan Farquhar's Yamaha engine virtually split in … [Read more]

The tracks of my tears Pt4

Hume Weir

Today I conclude my series on race tracks that were part of my motorcycling story that have now passed into history and I want to look at another that was a sentimental favourite of … [Read more]

Island observations


Now that I'm home from the Island and have had a bit of a chance to recover, I thought I'd set down some things that struck me about the experience, both good and bad. Phillip Island is … [Read more]

The adventure Pt6 – on the road again


The short story of the 23rd Island Classic is that Team GB won the teams pointscore by nearly 100 points. A totally professional team with top rate equipment and riders was always going to … [Read more]

The adventure Pt5 – Racing in earnest


Today was race day, the first of two, and, if you ever wanted to know just how seriously the individual riders and the international teams take this event, you only had to do a quick poll of … [Read more]