celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling


In my Island Classic 2018 wrap-up, I mentioned Bruce Lind, (above) one of the American riders who came out from the states to race. I'll cut and paste the excerpt so that you can read it … [Read more]

Happy birthday, Rhonnda

I was chatting to Anthony this morning, from whom I bought Rhonnda, and he reminded me that she was 20 years old. Of course she is, she's a 1998 model, but I didn't realise just HOW 20 years … [Read more]

From the mountains to the sea

Lately my riding seems to be in fits and starts. Despite being retired now for some time, I seem to be busier now than I ever was and I have to MAKE time to ride. Where did I go … [Read more]

Dodging the bullet

On a long weekend a couple of years ago I received some news that I‘d rather not have received. A good friend of mine, while doing some adventure riding, had been involved in a very serious … [Read more]

Shorter but Longer Pt2

When I left you last we were in Cessnock. Sunday was a very hot day up in the valley and the ambient gauge on my bike said that it was 31 degrees when we pulled into the car park. Similar … [Read more]

Shorter but longer

It's a truism of motorcycle touring that, the more carefully you plan a ride, the more chance there is of the plan not coming to fruition (actually, that's probably just true of life in … [Read more]