celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling



It's now over a year since we bought the Minibago. From a chance discovery, finding it for sale on the side of the road to a whirlwind purchase, it has been an example of serendipity at its … [Read more]

On two wheels


I've been putting my mechanical skills to good use lately. Since the family arrived home from America, they have enjoyed the "comparatively" wide open spaces that our neighbourhood allows. … [Read more]

Living in rebound mode


My brother has a lot of favourite sayings. Some of them are the same as mine and derive from the collected wisdom of our dad who made a point of having something wise to say about pretty … [Read more]



Yesterday, the group with which I ride had its monthly Breakfast Ride (though, being Aussies, we call it the "Brekkie Ride"). On the last Sunday of the month a suitable location is found and … [Read more]

C1? I don’t think so..


There is always something new and interesting to find on the internet and you don't have to look very far to find it. The other day a friend posted up this information on the forum and I … [Read more]

A pretty tough day

WW's service

It was indeed a tough day. It has indeed been a tough fortnight. Firstly the death, after a long battle with prostate and bone cancer of Australia's favourite racing son, then the death of … [Read more]