celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling


  I'd like to spend a little bit of your time talking about a favourite rider of mine. Turkish rider, Kenan Sofoglu (known to many by the nickname that heads this article) has the most successful record in World Supersport racing winning … [Read more]

Grubastini, where are you?

While writing my article for mcnews earlier on in the week the subject of cafe racers came up which inevitably led to Rickman. The Rickman bothers, I am sure I don't need to remind you, became famous in the late 1970's for producing a … [Read more]

Swings and roundabouts

  Grand Prix racing has always been a game of ups and downs (and I don't mean the crashing variety). One year a team will be up and the next year they will be down. Those with long memories will recall the appalling title defence of Wayne … [Read more]

34 years

With the Isle of Man TT races presently in progress it brings the reminder, as it always does, of the many riders who have paid the ultimate price of trying to tame the mountain. They came from all countries and cultures and, amongst the fallen, are … [Read more]

A little Rea of sunshine

Since signing on with Kawasaki Racing Team late last year, Northern Ireland's Jonathan Rea has achieved some pretty impressive results. After several years struggling to keep up with the pack on the noncompetitive Honda Fireblade, some were … [Read more]

A fitting send-off

  Yesterday several hundred people, including a huge number of motorcyclists, gathered in Wollongong to farewell Martin van Meegen. After proceeding under police escort from City Coast Motorcycles in Keira Street, the procession wound up at … [Read more]