celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Every picture tells a story

I'm sure you've noticed that I have been having some difficulty of late thinking of subjects about which to write my articles. It has even occurred to me on a couple of occasions that I may … [Read more]

Joining the club (again)

Last night I hot-footed it up-town to the Keiraville Public School for the monthly meeting of the Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club. I've been a member of lots of clubs in my time but … [Read more]

A less than ideal day to go riding

Paul's neighbours across the road had a Putty ride planned for yesterday. Margie wanted to try out her new (to her) FZ6, Craig had a rare weekend off work so it seemed like the ideal thing … [Read more]

The top 10 motorcycling myths

When I first set out to write my blog, over 10 years ago, my WordPress "guru", Chris Mundy, gave me lots of valuable advice. But the most valuable of all of his pointers was this one. … [Read more]

Happy 50th birthday..

This month marks the 50th birthday of my Maton CW80/6 guitar, a noteworthy occasion. As noted some time ago, my first guitar was a Yamaha 6 string guitar which I purchased during my first … [Read more]

Orphans Pt 2

Continuing in our series of bikes that manufacturers forgot, we stay with the tuning fork brand and look at a pair of orphans, the Yamaha TX750 and the Yamaha TX500. Earlier we looked at … [Read more]