celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Back on the road

It's been a while since I've had a long run on the bike; stuff keeps getting in the way. On Tuesday the forecast looked good so I headed off early, like 0630 early. Despite it now being … [Read more]

Commentatus Interruptus

It's the 7th of April and, all things being equal, I should presently be in the commentary box at Broadford road racing circuit in Victoria calling the races for Rd2 of MotoStars as well as … [Read more]

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Today I want to start a little mini-series of articles that are sparked by some sort of connection to song titles. It occurs to me that I have probably done this before but haven't made the … [Read more]

Behind bars

It's 2019 and I was reminded the other day that this will be the 45th year that I have spent behind bars. Of course I am speaking in motorcycle terms not penitentiary ones so I thought it … [Read more]

Staying on the ball

OK, there is so much that is wrong about this photo that I can't even begin, but it's not what is wrong with it that is my reason for using it in this article. You see, today I want to talk … [Read more]

Postcards from the road – again

I've been busy, as you can probably tell. This retirement caper is exhausting. Last week we did a three day tour up through the Blue Mountains in the van, by far the most enjoyable we … [Read more]