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More from Mr Hudson, and other stuff as well

While the dust has well and truly settle from this year's Island Classic, the repercussions continue on with my good friends at MotoPod publishing my 10 interviews in the last two episodes … [Read more]


No, not those sorts of carbs... I am delighted to receive feedback about my efforts on the net and was especially pleased to receive an email from a gentleman in New Zealand who had … [Read more]

A tale of two tracks

It was a very trying night at the track on Saturday night. Our long, hot summer has made the already difficult task of track preparation even more so and it culminated in a night that nobody … [Read more]

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Almost exactly 12 months ago I attended my first MotoStars event. It was a training/coaching night at my local go-kart track and it was quite an eye-opener. MotoStars is run by former … [Read more]

A walk in the park

Last weekend was Round 1 of the MotoStars series for 2018. Expanded to 6 rounds this year with the addition of a round in Newcastle (10-11 March), the series kicked off at the picturesque … [Read more]

Things I have learned

There is a saying that you should learn something new every day. I have always tried to do that but, recently I’ve started to notice that older stuff that I’ve learned has fallen out … [Read more]