celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

All the gear

It's squid season again. Here in Australia, as the weather begins to warm up, the  squids start coming out of their hiding places. Riding their sports bikes (although other classes of machinery do not appear to be immune from squiddery - I was passed … [Read more]

The curious case of the disappearing tail

(For maximum effect, this article is best read in a David Attenborough voice. To assist readers in doing so, I have enclosed each paragraph in inverted commas) “Since the first motorcycle evolved, some 27 million years ago, there have been aspects … [Read more]

Look back in….

While driving to Shell Cove school where I do a fortnightly IT gig, I drove past the school at Mount Brown. I've done a heap of relief work over the years there over the years but, as I drove by, the thought suddenly struck me that my teaching days … [Read more]

Support your local sheriff

The sad passing away in July this year brought to a close the glittering career of American actor, James Garner. His CV was long and impressive and he distinguished himself by being a very versatile actor, equally at home in drama and in comedy. Best … [Read more]

Time flies…

...or so they say, but, in reality, it doesn't. 4 years ago today, 18th October, this was me. In the Orthopedic ward at St George Hospital. My day had started pretty much as it usually does when I don't get a call for school. Prepare … [Read more]

Further north, even

We're steadily working our way through the to-do list so yesterday we hired a little car and headed further north to Port Douglas. The sight to the blue/green of the Coral Sea was wonderful as we rounded a corner and saw little beaches stretching out … [Read more]