celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling


DIY is all the rage, right? Yep, Hardware superstores are springing up on every corner even though the sales figures seem to indicate that we neither need nor want them. But I have news for the reno junkies. I was doing DIY before the term was even … [Read more]

Crystal balling

  Now that the 2014 season is over and the teams for 2015 are settled, it is a good time to examine the lineup and see if we can make some tentative predictions. Here is the list: Repsol Honda (Factory class) Marc Marquez SPA … [Read more]

Are you sitting comfortably?

  My diatribe the other week about the disappearance of the tailpieces on modern bikes and the implications that it has for seats on motorcycles has started a bit of a think. Combine this with a two day ride on my VFR and being reminded that … [Read more]

Two for the road

  A few weeks ago I dusted off the VFR and did The Lap. It didn't go well. Almost as soon as I started riding I was in a fair degree of pain and, by the time I had done about 80 kms I was in considerable pain but condemned to doing about the … [Read more]

Nostalgia isn’t….

....what it used to be, as they say in the classics. This morning I want to ease a burr that has been under my saddle for quite a long time. It is this. Why are people spending inordinate amounts of money restoring boring bikes? The bike above is … [Read more]

Moto who?

And so we come to the end of another Grand Prix season. As per previous seasons, the championships have been dominated by Spanish riders for no other reason than that the Spanish MC federation is doing a better job than any other country's similar … [Read more]