celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Reading the road

I read with some alarm this week that Nissan do not now market any sedan cars in Australia. The Pulsar, the Micra and the Altima have now all been discontinued, leaving Nissan's sole fleet … [Read more]

Tales from the top box – or, I need to go to….

Did an overnight ride on Monday/Tuesday with my brother. We've always toured together and also done lots of solo riding as well. These days it is rather fun to see the looks on peoples' … [Read more]

Playing the parts game

The only problem with having a beautiful bike is that you're always on the lookout for ways to make it even better! VFR owners definitely fall into this category. Well, most of them do. Red … [Read more]

Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes. Growing up in suburban Strathfield in Sydney's inner west, I remember that the local service station (back when they actually provided service), had a sign out the … [Read more]

Excuse me, where are your gloves?

I had to go to Sydney today to visit my son who lives in Marrickville. Since the purpose of the trip was mainly to deliver some (very) belated Christmas presents as well as other assorted … [Read more]

Happy 80th, Kel Carruthers

This week has marked a very significant birthday in Australian motorcycling. The revered former Sydneysider, Kel Carruthers, known as Mr Yamaha by those whose affection for road racing runs … [Read more]