celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Doing the group thing

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I think I've said on a number of occasions that, as far as touring is concerned, I prefer to do it solo. There's something about the freedom of being able to make your own decisions when … [Read more]

Some positive vibes required


My good mate Ottis Lance is back in hospital today in Texas. His recovery from two major surgeries has been spectacularly good but, like every road racer, he doesn't know how to run at half … [Read more]

Getting excited


Not that long ago it seemed like ages till we headed off on our big adventure, but it's only about three weeks now and we'll be gone. So preparations are now in full swing. Besides … [Read more]

Starting over


I'm sure that most of my readers will instantly recognise this scene. I wonder how many of you have stopped at this point and taken this photo? I know, I have. The point of the photo is … [Read more]

Showing off – again


In a monumentally bad example of poor planning, last weekend had the following motoring/motorcycling events planned for Sunday. A car/bike Charity show at Mittagong, a motorcycle swap meet … [Read more]

An overdue appreciation


The following is an unpaid Public Service Announcement. :) In moments of reflection (which are more frequent now that I am a man of leisure) I often ponder how fortunate my life has been. … [Read more]