celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

The end of the line

Though it hasn't been officially announced by Honda, it seems that the venerable VFR Honda range has come to an end. First appearing in 1986 (above), VFR fanatics have been contacting their … [Read more]

When the road calls

Last weekend was Round 3 of Motostars, held at the picturesque Greer Park go kart track just out of Toowoomba in Qld. The plan always was for me to take the bike for this round, the furthest … [Read more]

When your supplier is dependent on another supplier

Again my apologies for not updating more often. Family commitments have taken precedence and look like doing so so for a little while longer, please bear with me. As most of you know I … [Read more]

If it’s Easter, it must be Bathurst

My first road race meeting was Laverton in February 1976. From then to the end of 1981 I hardly missed a meeting, so I was privileged to live through, see, document and be part of what most … [Read more]

All boxed up

Last week was my birthday and my good wife arranged for me to get a new top box for the bike. Most of you will remember The Great Topbox Disaster of 2018 so it should come as no surprise to … [Read more]

Returning to the scene of the crime

Along with the on-going issues of my wife's thyroid illness, she is also being treated for a problem with the Achilles tendon in her right foot. This has necessitated weekly visits to a … [Read more]