celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

When your number’s up


Now that we have the house to ourselves again it seems like an appropriate time to do some overdue spring cleaning. This is partly because it IS dreadfully overdue and partly because we are … [Read more]

For shame…


I'm so embarrassed that I haven't updated the blog for over 2 weeks. My sincere apologies. I can't even say, in my defence, that I have been especially busy though life has been a bit … [Read more]

Travellus interruptus


So long since I posted last and so much has happened. When I left you last we were waiting to hear news on how long it would take the mechanic to fix the Minibago. I'll probably say it … [Read more]



We're in Carmila, a little town on the Bruce Highway about 100kms south of Mackay. We'd spent Saturday night at the curiously-named Flaggy Rock Community Centre (hereinafter to be known as … [Read more]

I head a little further south each day…


We stayed two nights in Cairns at the Lake Placid caravan park. Not free or even budget but nice. The actual lake is beautiful and it sure is placid. From there we headed up to Crystal … [Read more]

Trip update


We're in Cairns and it's time to update you with our travels. The last big report was from Mt Isa and that seems like so long ago, so let's try and cover some ground, shall we? We were most … [Read more]