celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Postcards from the road – again

I've been busy, as you can probably tell. This retirement caper is exhausting. Last week we did a three day tour up through the Blue Mountains in the van, by far the most enjoyable we … [Read more]

Best not look if you are a mechanic

My regular readers will know that I have another life away from two wheels (actually I have several other lives but we won't go there now). As well as my bikes, speedway is another pursuit … [Read more]


Orphan is not a term that we hear very much these days. When I was growing up in the aftermath of WWII, it was in common usage as hundreds of thousands of children in the war-torn countries … [Read more]

Straightening it out

Ever since I bought the bike I have had this little thing that has bugged me.  The top triple clamp has always been just a "little" off. When you line up the wheel so that it's straight, the … [Read more]

A long talk, the first of two

Well, after a lot of flaffing around, I have managed to get my Island Classic interviews uploaded to the MotoPod Dropbox folder. The first half of them has been published this week. Follow … [Read more]

The races and the road

Last weekend I travelled to Port Macquarie for Round One of the MotoStars series for 2019. Rd1 was SUPPOSED to be held at Greer Park near Toowoomba but the local nimbys have been kicking up … [Read more]