celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

The cycles of cycles

You cannot get into any discussion of MotoGp these days without someone whining about how the Spanish are dominating racing. I will be the first to admit that domination of any sport by one … [Read more]

How do you solve a problem like Fenati?

Last weekend's San Marino Grand Prix had everything, a thrilling, first-time win in Moto3, a runaway victory in Moto2 and a win in MotoGp that went a long way towards keeping the locals … [Read more]

Can the Island Classic be saved?

Without wishing to sound like a shock-jock, last week's announcement that Team GB will not be attending the Island Classic in 2019 has sure sent some ripples through the historic racing … [Read more]


Most of you with decent memories will remember the days when the four major Japanese manufacturers all ran teams in the MotoGp World Championship. Three of them still do but we lost Kawasaki … [Read more]


Just to start with I thought I'd publish this brilliant portrait of Raplhie by Kim O'Reilly. I don't know who she is but if ever a portrait captured the essence of its subject this one … [Read more]

A bad weekend

Every now and then you get a reminder that you don't really want. It was so just a week or so ago when a racing friend from Queensland posted up this picture. It shows the late Greg Pollock, … [Read more]