celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Racing at the ends of the earth


I watched practice and qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix yesterday. Unlike the poor, benighted souls who are actually at the Island, I watched it from the warmth and comfort of my … [Read more]

Another day on the road


They were predicting 27 degrees and sunshine yesterday and I had a new front tyre that needed a good running-in. So, after taking care of a few domestic responsibilities, I hopped on the … [Read more]

Game over early


Last weekend's MotoGp at Motegi, Honda's home track, was a surprise in so many ways. The pundits are searching through the record books to try and sum up all the records that MM93 broke when … [Read more]

Support your local bike shop


Some time ago I alluded to one of my all-time favourite movies, the classic “Support your local sheriff”. This light-hearted comedy never fails to give me a giggle every time it turns up on … [Read more]

Small improvements


When you plan something and build it you tend to have an ineffable faith that it will be perfect - well, real craftsmen do, anyway. Me, I always have these terrific ideas in my head but the … [Read more]

The old “frog in the saucepan” story

Cartoon of frog leaping out of pot of boiling water

  We are all familiar with the "Frog in a saucepan" scenario. The story goes (and I believe it is true) that, if you put a frog into a saucepan full of boiling water, the frog … [Read more]