celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Broc Parkes Interview

Today was a MotoStars Training Day at Kembla Grange go-kart track and, as well as the Cudlin brothers, Damian and Alex, being on hand to help the kids, there was also another WEC luminary, … [Read more]

Counting the cost

Last  week marked the 37th anniversary of the death of my all-time Australian road racing hero, the late Kenny Blake. Kenny died on the Isle of Man mountain course on the 9th of June 1981, a … [Read more]

Icicle Ride

As noted, the Indian Summer on the East Coast of Australia is well and truly over. We didn't really have an Autumn with temperatures in the mid-20's all the way up to the end of May. But, … [Read more]

The weakest link

The other day an Australian actress passed away. She was well known for her acting but better known as the host of a TV quiz show from back then called, "The Weakest Link." She played the … [Read more]

A real “find”

It never ceases to amaze me how that, some 40 years after the time that I was actively involved in the sport as a photographer, commentator and administrator, photos and memorabilia from the … [Read more]

The best-ever dummy spit

In these days of live coverage of motorcycle racing, with multiple cameras, a million angles and super-slow slo-mo replays, it’s rare for us to miss any of the action (unless the TV channel … [Read more]