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The rules of 43 Man Squamish

While I was spending money on “Wheels” and “Sports Car World” magazines during high school, one of my best mates, Robert Flannigan, was buying MAD magazine. Every month when the magazine came out we would huddle in the playground together with several other like-minded idiots, devouring the contents amid gales of mirth and hilarity. “Shotgun Slade” and other classics, “How Are Ya, Five Oh” and spoofs of the current movies and TV shows were groundbreaking humour. The, of course there was the running gags, “Spy vs Spy”, and “Marginal Thinking”.

And the feature articles were worth the price on the cover by themselves. When a scandal blew up in the US college scene about the price of tuition for sports-enrolled students, MAD produced their answer, 43 Man Squamish. Instead of the traditional sports and their huge expense, MAD proposed an entirely different game that eschewed cultural and economic barriers and enabled all colleges to play on an even field (so to speak).

So, here are the rules of this famous (?) game, reproduced here by some other like-minded idiot, for your enjoyment.

The Rules of 43 Man Squamish.