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A potted GP history

With the demise of the 250cc class at the end of the 2009 season and the imminent closure of the 125cc class at the end of this season, I thought it would be a good idea to look at how the GP classes … [Read more...]

Lots of restoration progress

Yesterday was a very productive day in the on-going restoration of the Shadowfax Kawasaki. Rather than re-hash it all here I'll provide the link to the on-going page and you can catch it there. THE … [Read more...]


My local riders forum here in the Illawarra has a thread with the above name. In it members note when and where they have "spotted" another forum member. Well, I have a "spotted" today, only it's not … [Read more...]

Exhausting business

As notified yesterday, Ducati Corse held a private test at Mugello yesterday, a triple-header, actually. On test was the current GP bike, the GP11, next year's GP bike, the GP12 (of which more in a … [Read more...]

“New Oldsmobiles are out early this year.”

American car web site, Edmunds Line (the same site that sprung the first real VFR1200F photos) has published two sets of spy shots this morning, both concerning upcoming Honda models. Firstly, the … [Read more...]

Awesome B29 movie

Nothing to do with motorcycling, but, thanks to Ross Hannan, this amazing video of a scale model B29. Enjoy. … [Read more...]