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Knee sliders? Bah, I need ELBOW sliders. :)

In these days of extreme lean angles (see article below) we are used to riders scraping their knees on the track during cornering. BUT, back in the 1980’s this mad Frenchman, Jean-Phillipe Ruggia, who rode in the 250cc class, perfected a riding style that was so extreme that he regularly scraped his ELBOWS on the tarmac. Yes, seriously.

and again..

Note that, in the second picture, he is riding a 350 (different number plate colour – 250’s were green, 350’s were yellow and 500’s were white)

You can read about this poineer  HERE . He was a man for whom confidence meant a great deal more than physics!


  1. Alan Bates says

    The second picture is obviously on a YZR500. The 350’s were blue plates and the 500’s were yellow.

    • Phil Hall says

      Of course, you are absolutely right. And, believe it or not, when I first wrote the article, I said that it WAS a 500, but then I changed my mind for some reason and said it was a 350. Yes, 350 plates WERE blue so it has to be a 500. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have left it as it was, eh?