celebrating 40+ years of motorcycling

Night Racing

Stayed up and watched the WSBK meeting last night. I usually watch the first race and the WSS and then tape Race 2 as it often finishes very late, but, meh, I watched them both. Bayliss … [Read more]

Bald Hill and Superbikes

Spent the morning at Bald Hill this morning. MCC had a stand there doing some testing of helmets and we spent the morning talking to the riders who turned up there (and there weren't many as … [Read more]

Dabbling with Ducks, or, being Monstered can be fun.

Frasers Motorcycles at Fairymeadow had a Ducati test ride day today so I went along to have a look and to poach a ride or two. The whole fleet was there and it was really a matter of "name … [Read more]

School holidays are boring.

It's nearly the end of the holidays and I've achieved about zero in terms of productivity. My grand plan of touring for the whole two weeks crashed early with the realisation that there'd be … [Read more]

A “Photo of the Month”

The Seacliff Bridge north of Wollongong. Photo by Grae Hall This picture, taken by my son Graeme while I rode the bike, was voted "Photo of the Month" by the Illawarra Riders some months … [Read more]